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April 5, 2007

On cicular firing-squads

At times John Podhoretz is simply brilliant:

So. Can the Republican party bring itself to nominate a candidate who doesn't really care much about abortion one way or the other? It appears that will happen. Now the question is, will Republican opinion leaders spend the year 2007 making abortion a major battleground in the nominating process? With the mainstream media following along lapping it up and stressing the most extreme elements of the discussion to send the message to independent voters that right-wingers are all a bunch of lunatics who are obsessed with ideological purity and not with getting things done?

I think if they do, the GOP is sunk.

That's it in a nutshell. I don't think a sane person can actually like the thought of abortion. (I'm looking at you, Amanda, and your creepy hallelujah choir.) But a sane person can think it isn't the most important thing in the world. A sane person can think that of all the evils that are available to man, abortion in all its myriad manifestations falls in a range on the scale, and that some part of that scale has to remain outside the scope of what government should be concerned with.

Look, all I want is a competent, grounded, and focused person in the Oval Office. That's it. Unfortunately, the "process" seems geared to weed those folks out early. (The anti-"War on Terror" crowd pretty much makes a responsible Democratic candidate a mere fantasy for '08, but that's another post...) For what it's worth, I think it very likely right now that either Rudy or Fred Thompson will be the nominee on the Republican side, and I'm okay with either of them. (I prefer Rudy because he's got a frickin' track record of successfully managing the herd-of-cats that is a major government -- and I defy anyone to classify the government of New York City as anything else -- but that is yet another post.) But this "abortion kabuki" isn't doing the country any good, because it shifts the focus away from clear and present dangers, and towards something that is frankly not an existential problem for the United States, Mark Stein notwithstanding.

April 10, 2007

Single-Issue Voters --> Non-Winning Candidates

I love me some single-issue voters. Not!

Okay, this should have been continued over at Alarming News, but the comment section broke down at a response to a point I raised, and since I think it's an important point, I am re-publishing the last two comments followed by my rebuttal over here.

myrna, Rudy has said he would appoint strict constructionists to the Court. Do you think he's lying? (Yeah, I know the rap that the judges he appointed in NYC "leaned left", but consider the talent pool he had available, please.)

And as an aside, the fetishization of abortion is one of the reasons I refuse to call myself a Republican. (The flip side is the fetishization of abortion is one of the reasons I refuse to call myself a Democrat, too...)

Everyone keeps trying to resurrect Reagan. Well someone tell me exactly what the Gipper did to fight the wave of abortions sweeping the land in the 1980s.


It's a wonder there's been any children born at all in this country since Roe v. Wade.
Posted by: Mark Poling at April 9, 2007 02:03 PM

Well Mark, you can worry about the 'fetishization' of the abortion issue, and I'll worry about its 'trivialization'.

I wonder how a person who supports Roe v. Wade can be taken seriously when he says he will appoint strict constuctionist justices. Aside from overturning Roe, there are a number of ways a President's politics can affect abortion policy - parental notification, partial birth, etc.
Posted by: myra langerhas at April 9, 2007 03:02 PM

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April 16, 2007


Session Start (whatsapundit:ashidome): Mon Apr 16 10:25:02 2007

[10:25] whatsapundit: just heard a rumor that <REDACTED> resigned

[10:25] whatsapundit: from a source that I trust

[10:25] ashidome: Okay...

[10:26] ashidome: That blows

[10:26] whatsapundit: yep

[10:26] whatsapundit: very very bad sign

[10:29] ashidome: Oh I thought not paying people was very very bad on its own

[10:29] whatsapundit: we've got so many scary signs we look like an australian beach

April 25, 2007

Bed Rest

Session Start (whatsapundit:ashidome): Wed Apr 25 10:25:02 2007

[11:47] ashidome: I need to go on bedrest

[11:47] whatsapundit: thought so

[11:47] whatsapundit: okay, what does that mean

[11:47] whatsapundit: hmmmm.

[11:47] ashidome: And come twice a week to check the babies

[11:47] ashidome: Still at the appointment

[11:47] whatsapundit: okay

[11:47] ashidome: Gotta go on disability for work

[11:48] whatsapundit: can you work from home?

[11:48] whatsapundit: or is this really "bedrest"

[11:48] whatsapundit: and not just rest

[11:49] ashidome: Its greatly decreased activity

[11:49] whatsapundit: okay

[11:49] ashidome: Watching tv

[11:49] ashidome: Lying in bed

[11:49] whatsapundit: knitting

[11:49] ashidome: Yeah

[11:49] whatsapundit: okay, we can do this

[11:49] ashidome: Some computer time but should be done in bed

[11:49] ashidome: I'm getting more details

[11:50] whatsapundit: we have the old laptop and a bedtray, that works

[11:50] whatsapundit: assuming you can sit up in bed

In a way, this news is a relief. I've been worried that Liz was trying to be Superwoman, and maybe this will allow her to accept some help / let go of some stuff.

The problem though is one of the twins isn't doing nearly as well as the other. Today's weigh-in has Hunter at 3 lb 12 oz, Aden at 2 lbs 5 oz.

Damn, my stomach hurts.

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